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Library Workshops

Schedule a Dream Academy Story time Event: Patti will create an enchanting children’s story time or interactive family event at your school or public library. She will delight children with stories to help overcome fears, songs that soothe, and visualizations to explore fantasies. (Pajamas optional)

Community Outreach: Sleep problems have reached epidemic proportions. The National Sleep Foundation’s latest survey reported that a whopping 69% of children under the age of ten have some sort of sleep difficulty. Schedule a speaking engagement to educate parents on the importance of adequate sleep, along with practical advice from The Floppy Sleep Game Book on just how it can be attained. Topics can include bedtime activities, rituals & relaxation techniques, foods that promote sleep, information on sleep disorders and tips for relieving worries, stress, and anxiety.

What librarians are saying about Patti Teel…

“…Teaching children to relax while entertaining them is a very effective way to teach both parents and their children, and I bet we have better sleepers tonight. I personally love Patti Teel's beautiful voice and find the music that goes with her relaxation exercises gentle and calming. I'm looking forward to listening to the Floppy Sleep Game CD. Thank-you Patti for a great performance!”

Judy Savage, Goleta Public Library

“Patti Teel has a lovely lyrical singing voice and a very charming manner with children. She has always been most professional in her presentation, performing beautifully. I heartily endorse this fine performer!”

Shirley Morrison, Santa Barbara Public Library


Contact Patti Teel to schedule your workshop or event and to request pricing information.