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Like my newsletter, my new online radio site will includes a special section for children. While Time Out With Patti Teel is a radio show for grown-ups, the Time Out for Dreamers section contains children's stories, visualizations, and songs.

Because I've received so many requests for the Dream Maker visualizations/stories from the Floppy Sleep Game Book, I will post a new visualization and/or story each week. They will be available as a recording, or in text form for you to read to your children at bedtime. You can also sign up on the website to receive them via email. Enjoy!

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May, 2007

It’s here…my first online radio show!

Listen to 9-year-old Tess, as she lovingly talks about her grandmother, Beverlye Hyman Fead. “And what I feel is amazing is that she has cancer but she’s acting like she can race with the wind. And she’s probably one of the only people in my family who had cancer, who was given two months to live—and proved the doctors wrong for five years!”

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Happy Mothers Day to every mother and to every mother’s son or daughter.

“There are only two lasting bequests we can give our children. One of these is roots. The other is wings.” — Hodding Carter

Letting Go

As Mother’s Day approaches, I’m reminded that one of our most important duties as mothers is to encourage our children to use their wings and to allow them to learn from the consequences of their actions. This can be a particularly daunting task, and one that will be much easier to facilitate if we trust that the universe is a purposeful and wise teacher.

Surrendering is a positive practice that comes with the development of spiritual trust. The dictionary’s definition of surrender is to give up or to abandon. But in the spiritual sense, surrender is the total opposite of giving up. It is an act of complete and utter faith.

I believe that each of us comes to Earth with several important life lessons to learn, and that we continue to encounter various experiences to help us learn them. One of my major life lessons is to learn to let go, or surrender. While I’m sure that each of my family members has their own life lessons to learn, I believe they also signed on to help me learn mine.

While I can’t claim to have mastered the art of surrendering, I have gotten better at it. For me, it has been a life long lesson. And my family continues to provide me with opportunities to help me learn to release the tight grip of attachment and fear, which still occasionally surfaces when I’m concerned about them.

But it’s not only mothers who can benefit from the gift of surrender. Continually obsessing and worrying about the outcome of a situation doesn’t do any of us any good. In fact, when we incessantly and impatiently stand and knock on a door, we can stop it from swinging open. In contrast, when we do what we can and then surrender to spirit, we become co-creators. Instead of waiting by the door, we can happily walk away with complete faith that our desire, or something even better, is on its way. For young children, this comes naturally; they live each day with the unwavering faith that their desires will be attained. But as we get older, most of us lose our faith and tell ourselves that we need to be realistic. Instead of going through each day with a wonderful feeling of joyful anticipation, we begin yearning for the things we want. When we yearn for something, we desperately want it to happen, but we’re really afraid that it won’t. Yearning and trying to direct the outcome of a situation that is beyond our control will cause us to suffer with feelings of frustration, anxiety and despair.

For myself, just when I think I’ve surrendered completely, I find that there is another layer involved. In my more enlightened moments, I let go and surrender to God, accepting that I can only co-create for myself and that I cannot control every situation or always make my loved one’s lives easier. I remind myself that their choices are not in my control and that from my own limited vantage point as a human being, I really don’t know what lessons their soul needs to learn.

We learn from each and every experience. And some people seem to have more than their fair share of difficult ones. Perhaps these souls have chosen a path with difficult terrain in order to accelerate their own learning—or to help others. For all we know, those who have accepted difficult roles as victims of war, disability, or disease, have done so in order to awaken compassion and humanity on a global scale.

Once we begin to view things from the soul’s perspective, our suffering lessens. But to get to that point, some of us will experience some arduous times, aptly referred to as the dark night of the soul. After all, from a soul’s perspective, painful situations are wonderful opportunities for growth and learning. And there is no denying that pain and suffering can be great attention getters, which can lead to higher consciousness.

After making it through the dark night of the soul and bearing the unbearable, the ego goes through a death of sorts. With our egos out of the way, we are finally able to surrender. This is not a will-power issue. Will-power and determination are wonderful traits, but without surrender, they can become stubbornness and attachment. Surrendering is a release. Like a deep exhalation, it’s not about doing; rather, it’s an undoing, a softening, or a letting go. And when we surrender, we’ll begin viewing each experience from the soul’s perspective.

Conceptually, I understand that when we surrender completely, we will no longer suffer from anything that our incarnation brings. I doubt I’ll get to that point, at least not in this lifetime. I have quite a ways to go. Still, I am learning. And on a good day, I’m able to see all the events in our lives, even the difficult ones, as acts of grace.

Dream Starters are visualizations which promote relaxation, imagination and well-being as they guide children into the world of dreams.

Getting Ready

To prepare for these dream starters, (or visualizations), create a quiet comfortable atmosphere in which your child can relax.

Step One ~ Progressive Relaxation (Tensing & Relaxing Muscle Groups)

Have your child lie down in his bed.  Have him lift each arm and leg individually, holding each limb tightly before loosely flopping it down on his bed.  Then have him wrinkle his face and hold his eyes tightly closed, before relaxing his face.  (Tense each muscle group for at least 5 seconds.)

Step Two ~ Focus on the breath

Have your child get very quiet and watch his own breath.

Step Three ~ Creative Visualization

Now that your child is relaxed, read (or tell) the following visualization.  Of course, feel free to modify it according to your child’s age and interests. 

The Dream Copter

Tonight, the Dream Maker has sent you a surprise. Outside your bedroom window you see a dream copter.

The dream copter looks a lot like a helicopter, but it is surrounded by swirling, glittery dream dust. The dream copter is a deep shiny blue color and it is decorated with sparkling, silvery stars.

You open the door and climb aboard, settling into the soft, comfortable, driver’s seat.

There is a TV screen on the dashboard, next to the steering wheel. The Dream Maker appears on the screen and she begins talking to you.

“Good evening, (child’s name.) Tonight, I’ve sent my dream copter to take you wherever you want to go.”

On the screen, you see beautiful pictures of enchanted forests, snow covered mountains, beautiful green meadows, parks with enormous playgrounds, castles, planets, stars, and Dream Land.

The Dream Maker’s face comes back on the screen. She asks, “Have you decided where you would like to go?” Take some time to decide. (Pause)

When you tell the dream copter where you want to go, it begins to rise up off the ground.

Looking down from the dream copter, your house looks very small.

You begin flying through the sky. If you’d like, you can steer.

But if you get tired, the dream copter will safely fly you wherever you want to go. You can fly to as many places as you’d like.

When you’re ready, the dream copter will take you back home.