December, 2008

Dear Friends:

Happy Holidays to you, your friends, and your families.  I hope you are enjoying the seasonal activities and festivities and that they bring warmth and love to your hearts. 

Those of you who read my newsletter last month know that our family’s home burned down in the Santa Barbara Tea Fire on November 13th.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your thoughts and prayers--and for the loving and encouraging e-mails that you sent to me.  They lifted my spirits and gave me a window into your gentle, generous, and loving spirits.  You made me feel loved and appreciated.  I realize that I have a long way to go in order to give in return as much as I have received and am still receiving from you, my dear readers. 

As we approach the holidays, I’m reminded how connected we all are—no matter where on Earth we call home. I express this sentiment in a child-like way on The Christmas Dream children’s recording.  I’d like to share the lyrics from a song that I wrote and recorded on it:

When we feel what others feel, understanding will be real
Differences will disappear, loving kindness will be here
Every day, every night—show you care
Every day, every night—say a little prayer

Sometimes, when parents are trying to decide whether or not to purchase The Christmas Dream CD, I’m asked whether or not it is a Christian recording.  I tried to create the recording for all children, but it is about a global journey around the world with Santa Claus.  And it does briefly make reference to Bethlehem--where in a church, people are singing the lyrics to the above song.  Mostly, it’s about learning to care for all people as children’s prayers from around the world join a long string of pearls that attach themselves to Santa’s sleigh.  The last words on the CD describe our interconnection as inhabitants of our beautiful planet, “As you sleep, prayers fill the sky, connecting the Earth as they fly.”   

As you make your holiday purchases for the children in your life, I hope you’ll consider The Christmas Dream CD.  It makes a great early Christmas gift for little ones who have trouble getting to sleep on that special night and they'll enjoy listening to it long after the holidays have passed.  And The Inside Out Blessing Game is always timely.  Like The Christmas Dream CD, it’s for bedtime or quiet time.  It focuses on blessings, helps kids to appreciate their bodies, and encourages them to look inward. 

Blessings to each and every one of you—and your precious families,


PS- For those of you who look forward to the children’s dream starters that are usually a part of the newsletter, you’ll have to wait until next month.  Sorry!

Christmas Dream

The Christmas Dream

   A welcome respite from the overstimulation of the season.  Children will:
* Learn to relax in Reindeer Flight Training
* Fly with Santa on a Global journey to the moon, over mountains, and across seas
* Hear prayers from around the world
* Learn to care for all people

“…Themes of unity, love and world peace are prevalent as the plot takes sleepy-time children on a trip around the world.  Although adults may limit its use to Christmas time, children are not likely to tire of hearing this calming fantasy year-round.  A beautiful tool for children who struggle to fall asleep, parents will appreciate this title and the relaxation skills it teaches.”
- Kirsten Martindale, School Library Journal

Click here to buy The Christmas Dream CD for $12.95.

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Inside Out Blessing Game

Inside-Out Blessing Game

  For bedtime or quiet time:
* Focuses on blessings
* Helps kids to appreciate their bodies
* Encourages children to look inward
Awards:  Nappa Gold, Dr. Toy top ten audios

“Patti Teel’s recording encourages children to open their hearts and minds to let good thoughts and love flow.  In a child-like manner it teaches children to go inside themselves to discover love, gratitude, and reverence.”
- Deepak Chopra

Click here to buy The Inside-Out Blessing Game CD for $12.95.

Special Holiday Offer!

Get a Fr*e Copy of The Floppy Sleep Game!

The Floppy Sleep Game

As a special offer, from now until the end of the year, when you buy both The Christmas Dream and The Inside-Out Blessing Game, I'll add a fr*e copy of The Floppy Sleep Game CD to your order.  You may already have it, but it makes a great gift and it’s always great to have an extra copy in case your child’s wears out!

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