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Articles by Patti Teel

Sleep Articles:
   Teach Children to Relax Themselves to Sleep (Bedtime Doesn’t Have to be Traumatic)
   Reset Your Child’s Internal Clock
   Eating Right for Sleep
   Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems Before the New Baby Arrives
   Help Teens Get the Sleep They Need
   Easing the Transition from the Family Bed
   What Dreams Reveal
   Getting a Child’s Asthma and Allergies under Control

Relaxation & Stress Relief Articles:
   Teach Kids to be Active
   Help Kids Put Worries to Bed
   Teach Kids to Turn it Off
   Overcoming Fears and Phobias
   Handling Homework
   Makeover your Child’s Reaction to Stress
   Raising Courageous, Compassionate Kids

Sleep & Relaxation articles for Special Needs:
   ADHD & Sleep
   Button Down Healthy Sleep Habits for Special Needs Kids
   Breathing Techniques Help Special Needs Kids Control their Behavior
   Guided Relaxation for Special Needs Kids

Holiday and Seasonal Articles:
   New Year:
      Makeover your Child’s Reaction to Stress
      A Time to Dream
   Valentines Day:
      Notes for Valentines Day & Beyond
      Nurture Yourself
   Spring & Mother’s Day:
      My Mother’s Legacy (Celebrate the Seasons of our Life)
      Mother Love (The History of Mother’s Day)
      Slow Down and Enjoy the Magic of Summertime Back to School
      Handling Homework
      Overcoming Fears & Phobias
      Opening to Grace through Awareness & Gratitude
      Holiday Sleep Tips
      Planting Seeds of Peace
      The Perfect Gift

Spiritual Parenting:
   Opening to Grace through Awareness & Gratitude
   What Dreams Reveal
   Dream the Dream and Step into It
   Fortify Sensitive Kids
   Planting Seeds of Inner Value
   Too Much, Too Soon
   Help Kids Get Going When the Going Gets Tough: Stick-to-itiveness
   Expressions of Compassion
   Makeover Your Child’s Reaction to Stress
   Visualization: The Power of a Child’s Imagination
   Nurture Yourself
   Raising Courageous Compassionate Kids
      Raising Peaceful Warriors (long article)
      Raising Peaceful Warriors (short article)