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Teacher in-service will provide you with practical, quick and effective strategies to create a calm and nurturing atmosphere in your classroom. Learn how to help your students develop resilience, accept themselves and others, focus, deal with stress, control emotional outbursts and develop a positive attitude. Learn to identify the symptoms of sleep deprivation and sleep disorders and receive information which will help you to work with parents in order to determine if inadequate sleep is contributing to a learning, behavioral or mood problem.

Please note that Patti will include tips on using relaxation techniques in the classroom to help successfully mainstream children with neurobiological disorders.

Teacher in-service for special education teachers and specialists will focus on the special needs child, their stress, and practical, effective ways to teach them self-soothing techniques. Because inadequate sleep exacerbates stress and the problems associated with neurobiological disorders, teachers will learn how to work with parents to “button down” children’s healthy sleep habits.

Schedule Patti to speak to your PTA or parent’s organization. Patti speaks to parents about a modern day epidemic, sleep deprivation. She discusses why kids are sleepier than ever and presents practical solutions from The Floppy Sleep Game Book. Topics include bedtime activities and rituals, relaxation techniques, tips for relieving stress and anxiety, information on sleep disorders, foods and supplements that promote sleep, health problems, and neurobiological disorders that affect sleep. Parents will learn to identify the behaviors that indicate their child is stressed or sleep deprived. In progressive steps, participants will learn to teach their children simple, fun, and effective relaxation techniques which will help them to become more resilient, think more positively, deal with stress, and become good sleepers.

The Dream Academy Wellness Week: Patti works with individual classes throughout the week or targets specific grade levels at your request. Students will learn to recognize and reduce stress, focus, develop positive thinking, and better balance their lives. Participating classrooms may choose to invite parents to attend a culminating activity where children demonstrate the relaxation techniques that they learned during the week. (Parents will receive suggestions for incorporating these techniques at home.)

For optimal results, Patti recommends combining the week’s classroom instruction with a teacher in-service.

Please note: In the Santa Barbara area, Patti will work with an individual class for a single session, as well as on an ongoing basis.

Schedule an evening Dream Academy event at your school. After a relaxing bedtime story and songs, pajama-clad children learn relaxation techniques which will help them learn to relax, de-stress, or get a good night’s sleep. This interactive event will convince parents that even though relaxation techniques serve an important purpose, they’re incredibly FUN! (pajamas optional)

What teachers and principals are saying about Patti Teel

“Exciting new approaches- good variety- very positive person- good control.”
(primary teacher)

“Mrs. Teel is dynamite! Her program had a lot of variety and her songs sparked the children’s enthusiasm!”
(primary teacher)

“Her voice sings straight to the heart, her words enlighten our minds…”
(Preschool Director)

“Patti combines her warmth and love of children with her exceptional talents and creates more than music. There is an aura when she is in the classroom, the students are alive, vibrant and enthused. She has made a real difference at our school this year.”

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