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Seminars for Health Care Professionals

While physicians, nurses, therapists, and others in the health care field are well aware of the detrimental affects of stress and inadequate sleep, Patti Teel will show them how to effectively modify relaxation techniques—in order to teach them to children in a fun, developmentally appropriate manner.

Patti is especially aware of the challenges facing children with neurobiological disorders, who are typically stressed—as they struggle to control their behavior, “fit in,” and try to keep up with their schoolwork. While self-soothing skills are important for all children, for children with special needs, they become a necessity. Because a lack of sleep is likely to exacerbate stress and the problems associated with neurobiological disorders, Patti will also focus on practical sleep solutions that include teaching children to use self-soothing techniques to independently fall asleep.

Description of Workshops or Events:

When scheduling workshops, be sure to discuss your special interests or needs. Patti will individualize the workshops in order to make them as effective and meaningful as possible.

Have Patti speak to the professionals at your hospital or facility on effective ways to present relaxation techniques to young patients and their parents.

Schedule Patti to work with groups of professionals at your facility or hospital. Participants will actively practice the innovative, holistic stress management techniques in preparation for teaching them to children. The relaxation techniques will help children relax, cope with pain and stress, or fall asleep. (Wear comfortable clothing.)

Schedule Patti to work with your interns or student nurses. Whether training to be a physician, therapist, or nurse, if they plan to work with children, Patti will help them to be more effective in their chosen field by teaching them to incorporate holistic stress management techniques.

Patient Outreach

Schedule an interactive family workshop with parents and their children in attendance. Patti will show parents how to work directly work with their own child, teaching them simple and effective relaxation techniques such as progressive relaxation, diaphragmatic breathing, and visualization.

Schedule a workshop for parents, teaching them fun and effective relaxation techniques that they can learn to incorporate into their children’s lives and their own—to relax, deal with pain, de-stress and sleep.

Schedule a children’s workshop for young patients or clients. Patti will work directly with children, helping them to recognize when they are stressed or tired, teaching them to use self-soothing techniques to calm themselves or independently fall asleep.

Professionals and parents of special needs children speak about Teel, her CDs and The Floppy Sleep Game Book:

“We have been using your CDs and tapes for the past 18 months on both the Children’s Inpatient and the Children’s Day Treatment Mental Health units. They (the recordings) are wonderful tools to use on the Children’s Mental Health Unit. The CDs have been an excellent option and innovative resource for the staff and the children. It has been instrumental in helping the children to learn to relax and calm themselves when feeling anxious or overwhelmed by their life situations. We have also purchased a supply of tapes and CDs and if a child responds to the CD on the unit we have been able to give the child’s parent/caregiver a tape or CD for home use. We have gotten nothing but rave reviews from the parent/caregivers and children about the effect of the CDs. Many of the children have difficulty with bedtime to due to trauma in their little lives. Your CDs have been a great teaching tool to our Programs and extremely beneficial to the families of our children.”

Margaret Van Eeckhout, Sr. Lead OTR/L
Fairview University Medical Center
Child and Adolescence Behavioral Services

“Your CDs have helped my clients relax and work through their anxiety of movement. Thank-you so much for a wonderful experience.”

Shelley Mannell (Physical Therapist)

“Is the night time ritual a pleasure or a problem for the children in your home? One of our Foster Parents had a child placed with her who had difficulty going to bed. She used a bedtime relaxation CD and it totally solved her problem. In fact, this CD actually made the bedtime routine both fun and relaxing. We thought we would pass on this information to our other foster and adoptive parents. The CD (or tape) is called “The Floppy Sleep Game,” by Patti Teel.”

Santa Barbara County Foster Care Newsletter

“When children can’t sleep, parents become desperate. Barbara K. of Lehigh Acres Florida, knows that well. Her son is autistic and always had difficulty drifting off at night. I was pretty much at the end of my rope, says Kerby, who ordered Teel’s tape in June. After a month of getting used to it, he now goes out a light. Even better, I am sleeping too, says Kerby. I am so grateful.”

People Magazine

“Patti Teel’s recordings are a very effective way for children to learn relaxation techniques which they will be able to use throughout their lives.”

Dr. Gloria Kaye, PhD, Stress Management Consultant

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