Programs & Events

Sleep and Relaxation Workshops for Parents and Children

Patti customizes each workshop in order to make it as effective and meaningful as possible so be sure to mention your group’s special interests or needs.

Schedule Patti to speak to your parenting group. Learn to identify the behaviors that indicate your child is stressed or sleep deprived. In progressive steps, learn to teach your children simple, fun, and effective relaxation techniques which will help them to become more resilient, think more positively, deal with stress, and become good sleepers.

Schedule Patti to work directly with a group of children such as a scout troop, or a sports team. The group will learn fun exercises that nurture their minds, bodies, and spirits. Upon request, group members will learn to use creative visualization as a tool to create imaginative solutions and to affirm and strengthen intentions and goals.

Schedule an interactive family event. Together, parents and kids explore their feelings, fears and fantasies, while actively taking part in relaxation activities that will help them to relax, de-stress or fall asleep. Families will realize that even though relaxation techniques serve an important purpose, they’re incredibly fun!

What Parents are Saying about Patti’s Workshops, CDs and The Floppy Sleep Game Book:

“Your presentation was eye opening! Thank-you for the great ideas to try with young kids.”


“Your ideas are creative, thoughtful and inspiring. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart!”


“Your CDs have been a source of comfort to me and my children. Thank-you Patti!”

(a grateful mother of three)

“ …I can’t say enough good things about The Floppy Sleep Game Book! My daughter now goes to bed willingly at 9 every night. Thank you for making my life better.”

(a well-rested father)